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Jul 24


So I got a sliiiight hair cut today…



So why did I get a buzz cut? I’ve decided to donate my hair to the charity Pantene Beautiful Lengths in memory of my friend Kali who died of bone cancer.
Pantene Beautiful Lengths is a program that makes wigs for cancer patients going through chemotherapy.
For those who don’t know, chemotherapy is a form of treatment for various cancers that involves using powerful chemicals to destroy the bad cells in a person’s body. Although chemotherapy is very successful in helping the patient, it also makes their head and body hair (e.g., eyelashes, eyebrows, leg and arm hair) fall out. It’s a very humiliating process and some people opt out of treatment solely because they know strangers will stare and mock them! I want to help those people change their minds by helping make wigs using my donated hair.
Although there are many hair donation companies I’m sure you’ve heard of the popular charity Locks of Love. PLEASE DO NOT USE LOCKS OF LOVE! I had planned on doing so until I found out they aren’t a reliable company. Among the many negative professional reviews by both the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Forbes, LoL is criticized for making patients buy their wigs at a very high price. Basically, buying from LoL would be no different than buying a wig for a Halloween costume! Instead, I decided to use Pantene Beautiful Lengths. Pantene’s charity is very reliable and approved by The American Cancer Society. And most importantly, Pantene does not make patients pay for their wig!
Please consider donating your hair! It’s simple and easy to do with their basic rules of at least eight/8 inches of unbleached hair of any style and form. (Check their page for the full list of requirements.) I promise your hair will grow back faster than you think and it will really benefit those in need. Even if you don’t donate, please spread the word to others. You never know who you might inspire!

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